A lifestyle, a way of being. That’s Vondom. Vanguard In & Out furniture made with passion. Designed by and for dynamic people, innovators, curious types… like you, who enjoy fashion and trends, and demand the best quality in everything around them.



Since its origins in the 1970’s, BD has always been an atypical company. Its founders and still current owners, who come from an architectural background rather than the business field, have oriented BD’s production from the very start by cultivating beauty, in some cases above their function. Accompanied with artisanal processes instead of mass production, the new products always have more proximity to art than industrial design. Characterised by superior quality, short-series productions (and on occasion limited editions), and unique pieces due to crafted manufacturing. In the 80’s, BD pleasantly surprised by editing Gaudí’s furniture for his famous buildings and in the early 90’s, BD again astounded by introducing an exclusive first collection of furniture and lamps designed by Dalí. Recently the Collections and Designers with an accentuated artistic profile like Jaime Hayon and Doshi Levien, continue to point the way where design and art meet together.

Design meets Art. Since 1972


As a Belgian designer and manufacturer of luxurious outdoor furniture, we have been designing and developing outdoor chairs, sofas, tables and accessories for both the contract and residential market, with an unparalleled passion for the outdoor experience.

Ever since our creation in 2002, our vision has been very clear: creating a sense of exclusivity in a relaxed and enjoyable outdoor environment. Our number one priority is to please and astonish our customers with refined ‘Made in Belgium’ designs and a 360° approach.

Manutti, 15 years of refined Belgian Design.


Over the years, Royal Botania has earned an acclaimed reputation for creating the most refined, diverse choice of outdoor collections in the world.


Supported by all the resources available within the CFGroup, Thonet now adds a new chapter to this rich history, creating distinctive, innovative furniture designs which are hand built by skilled craftsmen in our workshops right here in the US.


The world of Leolux is a world all of its own. With inspiring furniture created by international designers. Sometimes quirky, lavish or stylised, but always comfortable and of top quality. Made to order, by craftsmen in Venlo. Prefer the distinctive Arabella, the grand Paleta sofa or the classic Pallone?

The Leolux collection is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for those who find characterless mass-produced furniture not an option. A Leolux sofa is also produced specifically for you with the loveliest materials, for years of enjoyment. That makes all Leolux furniture as unique as the people we make it for.


The Sikalindi fiber is achieved through a meticulous process that is mostly manual.  This process has been patented, and involves the extraction of the fiber from the green cladodes of the Prickly Pear Cactus, with respect of the life cycles of the plant and in a ecological way.  This is followed by a process of drying, thus turning the vegetable fiber into resistant woody fiber.

At  the end of drying process, the fiber is treated with special products that guarantee absolute durability and inalterability of the material over time.


From that first step we have kept on developing beautiful design objects, piece of furniture with strong character and fresh new ideas.

Up to now we have presented various collections with different inspirations thanks to the influence of our stylists, architects and buyers from all around the world which have contributed to state the unique style of our brand.

Driade creates products that are unique, eclectic, eccentric but at the same time elegant, timeless and, above all, joyful. Within this alchemy of means of expression and sensations, there is a Driade to suit each and every person.

Tonon products have as a common denominator the ability to enhance interior decoration. Even if romantic or classical rather than innovative or trendy, they are always original proposals, never ordinary, characterized by a contemporary idea and by a developed technology. Products conceived and destined for international markets and cultures, for ways of life and daily living very different from each other. Products made equal by good taste, sensitivity, elegance and regularly presented at the international top Furniture Fairs: Milan, Köln,
London, Rotterdam, Stockholm, Moskow, Kiev, Miami, Las Vegas, Dubai, Bahrein. In several inexhaustible combinations of shape, finish and fabric.


The various Fabbian collections include products with different shapes and materials. From blown glass to crystal, from steel to policarbonate, the range of designer lamps is very wide. All fixtures have the purpose of satisfying both lighting and aesthetic needs. Most importantly, all items are conceived as technical solutions for lighting public and private spaces.


Experiment, dare, innovate. Karman world moves itself with simplicity towards an original and personal decorative use of lighting in both private surroundings and public spaces. Every lamp has something to say, it is a recollection becoming true embodiment and a piece of real life. All designers’ styles blend and coexist happily between tradition and modernity inspired by research and great technical skills to create beauty.


With Xilia, the wood takes on a new dimension, the tactile one, in order to create unique and sustainable surfaces enriched with exclusive textures which become refined solutions for the interior design. Xilia introduced a new perception, which is material and sensorial, to a complex surface such as wood. Thanks to a production process capable of combining artisan manual skills and technology, the wood comes out embellished by stunning textures through which the surface takes shape, movement and personality.